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Business Direct Program

Take advantage of our Business Direct Program today!

Most business owners and managers are looking for easy and convenient ways to reduce costs without compromising quality.

By taking advantage of Cartridge World's Business Direct Program, we can help you achieve these goals and begin realizing considerable benefits immediately.

With our Business Direct Program, your company will receive:

  • Free consultation to develop a program that is right for your company
  • Free pick-up and delivery service for qualified businesses (minimum order applies)
  • Savings up to 60% compared to buying a new cartridge
  • High quality premium inks and toners - 100% satisfaction guaranteed

At Cartridge World, we only do one thing and we do it better than anybody else. We're toner and ink experts. We have almost 20 years of expertise and more than 1,500 stores Worldwide serving satisfied businesses.

Cartridge World will provide your company with high quality performing cartridges, whether you have full-color, high speed printer/copiers, or multi-function printers. Our technicians will remanufacture your laser cartridges - disassemble, clean and inspect it for damage, replace worn parts and then fill it with toner - to ensure it performs to your expectations. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, or your money back.

We also can support your ink needs for inkjet printers, fax machines or other copiers.

Just visit, email or call one of our convenient store locations for more information or to request a free, no obligation quote.

10 Ways to Save Your Business Money

There are some common myths surrounding printer cartridges; their cost, quality and many other things. Cartridge World explodes those myths (often put about by printer manufacturers)  and shows you how you can save your business money by choosing Cartridge World’s printer cartridges and business services.

Below are some more myths that cost your business money every day that we think you should be aware of.

Myth 1. The printer manufacturer's cartridges offer the best value for money

Fact. Choose Cartridge World and you enjoy huge savings compared to the cost of printer branded cartridges.

A report by Which? Magazine in November 2010 showed that Cartridge World offers the lowest running costs per print, saving you as much as 6c per page with an HP Deskjet F2480.

Myth 2. Printer manufacturers maintain that to get the best possible print quality, you need to use their cartridges

Fact. Cartridge World replacement cartridges outperformed the printer manufacturers' alternatives for three out of four printers in tests by leading technology reviews website

Myth 3. Unsurprisingly, they also say that to produce prints that will stand the test of time, their cartridges give the best results

Fact. In the same independent tests, Cartridge World inks proved durable, fade and smudge resistant in real-life conditions, matching the performance of HP and Canon's own inks, point for point.

Myth 4. The same people allege that as many as one in eight refilled or remanufactured cartridges won't work when you try them in your printer

Fact. noted that Cartridge World's replacement cartridges all worked perfectly first time. We're so confident in our cartridges we offer a 100% Moneyback guarantee.

Myth 5. Printer manufacturers claim you get more prints out of their cartridges than refilled cartridges

Fact.  A Rochester Institute of Technology Study commissioned by PC Magazine in 2008 found:

"Cartridge World cartridges, which cost less than HP's OEM versions on all counts, produced impressive page yield numbers too. Its black, cyan, and magenta cartridge generated about 70% more pages than the HP cartridge, and its yellow cartridge churned out 80% more."**

Myth 6. Printer manufacturers say only their cartridges use specially developed inks and toners to get the best performance from their machines.

Fact. So do we! Our inks and toners are specially formulated to match that of your original cartridge and our unique refilling processes have been developed over 10 years so the print quality is guaranteed to be as good, if not better, than your original.

Myth 7. They'll also say you shouldn't use refilled cartridges because they're 'used' and that means they're unreliable and of inferior quality

Fact. Our trained technicians replace all worn and moving parts in our cartridges. Then we test them to ensure optimum print performance before they leave our workshops. So they’re equally as good as new.

Myth 8. But at the same time they offer their own recycling schemes. If you look closely, you'll see their 'new' cartridges include "recycled materials", "reconditioned parts" & "remoulded materials"

Fact. Re-use is better for the environment than recycling. Independent studies have shown the carbon footprint of a refilled laser cartridge is up to a third less than that of a "new" cartridge.***

Myth 9. You are led to believe that ordering your cartridges through your stationery supplier will save you time

Fact. We understand the needs of your business so we offer free collection and delivery, in most instances same day. So we don’t just save you time, we free up your cash flow too!

Myth 10. Printer manufacturers also lead you to believe that using third party cartridges could invalidate your printers’ parts and service warranty

Fact. A close read of your printer warranty will reveal that using Cartridge World cartridges will NOT invalidate it. What’s more, in the unlikely event that one of our cartridges damages your equipment, we’ll full reimburse your repair charges.