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We have all heard the recycling message by now, but does recycling really make a difference? If you need more reasons to recycle:

A recycled product helps conserve wildlife habitats.
Using recycled materials reduces the need to extract, process, refine and transport natural resources such as crude petroleum and mineral ores. As a result, forests, wetlands, rivers and other places essential to wildlife are spared from development.

A recycled product reduces the production of toxic materials.
Making products from already refined waste materials reduces the need for manufacturers to use toxic chemicals when processing raw materials, and the subsequent disposal of those chemicals.

A recycled product helps reduce global warming.
You get a good-as-new cartridge for a fraction of the energy required to make a new cartridge when you recycle.

A recycled product helps save water.
Almost every manufacturing process uses water. Recycling your cartridge drastically reduces the water requirements of manufacturing.

A recycled product helps reduce landfills.
Landfills are an unsightly, unappealing fact of modern life. Recycling your cartridge prevents unnecessary growth of these man-made mountains.

A recycled product encourages the local economy.
As the demand for recycled products grows, their cost falls, and as most recycling is done close to home, it's the your economy that benefits.

A recycled product is just as good as an original.
Cartridge World matches or betters the original specifications of the cartridge manufacturers when it comes to inks. So not only are you saving your environment, you're saving your pocket.